Anglo-Brazilian, born and raised in London, Julia graduated from the University of Bristol in Modern Languages (French & Portuguese) in 2012. Inspired by subjects such as visual culture, visual anthropology and film studies, she went on to work with images.


In 2013 she moved to São Paulo, where she worked as a camera assistant in advertising, fiction and documentary for large-scale productions and major Brazilian and International TV Channels  (SBT, GNT, Globo, MTV and HBO) . In parallel, she studied Cinematography at B_arco, São Paulo and Inspiratorium. 


After working on the film Cine Marrocos, a documentary about immigrants living in an abandoned cinema in São Paulo, (Golden Dove at Dok Leipzig, 2018), she decided to specialise in documentaries and went on to work on several other documentary productions for TV with the same cinematographer, as a camera assistant. In the meantime she she took extended documentary courses (B_arco, Academia Internacional de Cinema and the University of São Paulo). 


She began working as a cinematographer in 2016. In addition to commercial work for brands such as Enel, Abbott and Decathlon, she was has worked on the short documentaries Teranga (São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2018), Projeto Closet (2018) and Trilogy in Prisons (2020) directed by Phyllida Lloyd (Mama Mia, The Iron Lady).


She is currently working on the short film A Journey with Sol, about a Brazilian woman and truck driver in addition to commercial work in London.

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